Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from Fleet Feet Bend.

Happy Holidays from Fleet Feet Bend!
However you are spending your holidays we hope that the season finds you happy, healthy and surrounded by the good company of friends and family. All of us at the shop feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful family of fellow runners, customers, program participants and coaches at Fleet Feet Bend and we want to thank everyone that has shared their goals and lives with us.
A solid winter season is now well under way and the days are even starting to get longer again (thank goodness!). We have had a great time enjoying all the snow and chill with our snow shoe running shoes. We just had our very first snow shoe demo day last week and the crew had a great time giving the shoes a spin in the falling snow. It was a perfect day for it with flakes floating down and plenty of fresh powder. Checkout the ladies looking good and sporting the gear up at Wanoga.
Another exciting event recently presented by Fleet Feet Bend was the Hammer Nutrition Night. Reps from Hammer Nutrition provided some great information about fueling for training, racing and recovering. It was our pleasure to host our friends from Hammer Nutrition for the evening and enjoyed some new products and useful information. If you missed the event stop in the shop to talk to us about your fueling, recovery and nutrition needs. The guys at Hammer left a lot of good reading material about not only Hammer Nutrition products specifically but also about training and fueling for endurance sports in general.
Also, if you haven't checked out the newly introduced Deschutes Multisports Club yet this is another new and exciting way that Fleet Feet Bend has been expanding our family. We are inviting Multisport athletes of all kinds, levels, ages and abilities to meet new training partners, enjoy support from top coaches and resources, to access some great discounts and products, and to take advantage of a great opportunity to be a mentor and leader for other multisport athletes to promote multisports locally here in Bend.
We have so much to be thankful for looking back on this past year, great events, great friends and miles of beautiful trails with gorgeous panoramas, and we have so much to look forward to looking ahead to 2011, watching the Deschutes Multisports Club grow, running together and our staff doing our best to help with all your New Year Resolutions, your goals and dreams.
Have a wonderful end to your 2010 and best wishes for your 2011.
Thank again from all your friends at Fleet Feet Bend.
- The Fleet Feet Bend Staff -
Rod Bien, Scott Wolfe, Heather Hynes, Michelle White, Carolyn Courtwright, Marci Klimek & Chase Parnell

Friday, December 17, 2010

DMC Preview Review.

Despite the snow and the cold outside it is definitely an exciting time to be a multisport athlete in Bend.

A special thank you to everyone that came out last night to learn about and become part of the Deschutes Multisport Club. I am so excited about all of our new members and am really looking forward to DMC's very first official training session coming up quickly: A tri specific swim at Juniper Swim & Fitness with Coach Bob at 6:15 on Tuesday January 4th!

Some very exciting announcements from last night:
This first training session on Jan 4th will initiate DMC's regular weekly trainings;
  • Every Tuesday, 6:15: Swimming @ Juniper Swim & Fitness with Coach Bob.
  • Every Wednesday, 6:00: Group Run @ Fleet Feet Bend.
  • Every Thursday PM: Bike Training (Spin or Trainers, location TBA).
  • Every Saturday AM: Group Run or Block Session, location TBA.
Scheduled monthly speakers coming up for DMC members only;
  • January, Coach Bob Bruce from Central Oregon Masters Aquatic presents Swimming as a Multisports Athletes.

Coach Bob is the head coach for COMA and a level 5 certified coach with 36-years of coaching experience novice, age-group, high school and masters levels. Bob is also earning his certification in Triathlon Specific Training and will be talking about swimming technique and training for multisport specific athletes.

  • February, Cherie Touchette from Juniper Swim & Fitness presents an interactive lesson on core strength for endurance athletes.
  • March, Nutritionist on effective fueling for Triathletes during competition and training.

Although I am not personally a multisport athlete I can't wait to run and swim (and maybe bike if I can save up my pennies) and make new friends and training partners with all our members. I can't wait to build up a community of all ages and abilities that is supportive and positive and active.

If you are as anxious to get involved and started as I am please drop in the shop to talk with Michelle, Scott or myself about what you are looking for in your training and how we can help you to achieve a new personal record, meet new training partners, find resources, be a mentor and a become part of a great multisport community. For the most up-to-date info visit DMC on facebook.

Also, if you or your business would like to get involved with the Deschutes Multisports Club as a sponsor please contact Club President Michelle White at


Next Deschutes Multisports Club Preview Night:
Monday January 10th, 6:00pm
@ Fleet Feet Bend
Links For Multisport Athletes To Learn More Now:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The offseason

Yep, its that time of year. The egg nog and wine is flowing and you have decided that "snowboarding" can easily replace the "long run" of each week. The weather is cold and wet and admittedly, it can get a bit harder to get out and hit your workouts each week. But, I would encourage you "seasonal" runners out there not to just put your running shoes on the shelf for the winter but instead, to try some new things, change your running up, and make sure that you are not discouraged with your running as the days get longer and the temperatures warm up. I thought I would discuss what I do during the winter and see if any of it appeals to you.

1. Don't think of it as the "dreadmill". Okay, I know, the treadmill stinks. But, instead of thinking about it as something you dread, look at it as a tool to improve your summer running. I can't stand doing standard "easy runs" on the treadmill but I do find I can pass the time fairly quickly if I am challenging myself on the treadmill. I like to do my "tempo" runs on there as I know the ole' rat wheel will keep my pace accountable. I do a ton of different workouts on it depending on how I feel. But, in general, I like to do about a 10 minute warm-up, 20-30 minutes at my 5K pace, and then a cool down. Its a great, hard workout that will make your easy runs seem nice n' slow.
2. Are you "Born to Run"? We get so many folks who are interested in barefoot running or running in shoes with minimal support. This is a great time of year to dabble in it. You want to take it very easy and just start with runs of 10-15 minutes at the most. This is a fun tool (as long as you don't overdo it) that will help you with your form once spring sets in. We have every degree of minimal shoes available at the shop from barefoot styles to light stability and we can help you choose the right shoe to help you comfortably explore strengthening your foot and improving your form.
3. Invest in the right clothing. Running in cotton or non-technical apparel sucks in the summertime but it is downright dangerous in the winter time. Its not a huge investment to get a pair of tights with a fleece lining or a jacket that will shield you from the outside elements and keep your dry and warm. This can make a huge difference as the weather won't seem like nearly as big an obstacle and you'll have to come up with a better excuse not to get out there.
4. Cross train. I run about 50% less in winter than summer. However, since my workload is lower, I try to improve my overall fitness. I try and do core training 2-3 times per week, I lift weights 3 times per week, and I do yoga 1X per week. (though some that have seen me do yoga would argue that I'm not really doing yoga due to my horrendous flexibility). This keeps things fresh for me and allows me to be "hungry" for bigger mileage once the trails start to thaw out. I'm also looking forward to trying a bit of swimming this winter to try something new.
5. Don't be scared of the dark. Headlamps are so light and bright these days that heading out before the sun has come up or just after it has gone down really isn't too bad. It kind of feels like a little adventure and you'll be surprised how great you feel once you get back.

However, my big advice is, keep the wheels greased. If you give up running all winter, you are much more likely to get injured or become grumpy with yourself once you have "committed" to running again. You don't have to run the same amount in the winter as you do in the summer but you want to maintain a good base fitness that you can then build upon once the spring arrives. Find out what motivates you? Snowshoe running? Cross training? A winter race? Getting a new running outfit? Whatever it takes, keep up your running and just try and find some new angles that will keep you motivated and will improve your running going into the new year. That's my two cents...

Rod B.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Day for Thanks.

I may have recovered from a "food-coma" caused by my holiday indulgence in all the goodness of gravy, pie, family, goodwill and community that is Thanksgiving day, however I am still filled to complete satisfaction with happiness and thanks for the response of the community and the successful outcome of the 2010 Bend Turkey Trot.

Since it is the time of the season here are my top 10 reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving day:

1. I am thankful that the sun shown down on Thanksgiving morning to make 20 degrees feel like 30 degrees and for Strictly Organic Coffee for bringing our core body temperature back to normal, bring feeling to our hands and for warming us from the tummy out.

2. I am thankful for all our No-Bo Program Participants who have worked so hard and accomplished so much and for our coaches who do such a great job of supporting our participants and providing enthusiasm, inspiration and guidance to us all.

3. I am thankful for all 637 participants who doubled up their gloves, pulled those beanies down tight and yaktraxed it up to share their Thanksgiving morning with us over the race course.

4. I am thankful to have stayed upright for 5k despite several ice-inspired, mid-air moments. (I may have sported turkey wings on race day but I have no delusion of being flight capable.)

5. I am thankful for the timing services provided by our friends at Eclectic Edge Racing and very very thank that all finish line volunteers and staff members avoided a close encounter with the dangerous mix of electricity and melting ice.

6. I am thankful for the 350 calories burned during a 5k. (Which I immediately made up for in stuffing.)

7. I am thankful for the care and work of Race Director Sue Philip, the entire crew from Girls on the Run and for all our volunteers for working so hard to create, promote and provide such a fun event for the community and well-deserved support for Girls on the Run of Deschutes County.

8. I am thankful that the sharp turn-around point was dry under the bridge instead of on a sheet of ice.

9. I am thankful that together we raised $8,000.00 toward the drive to bring the wonderful Girls on the Run Program of Deschutes County back for the 2011 season and to support positive, confident and healthy lifestyles for young girls in our community.

10. I am thankful for the Smith Rock Race Group that donated their time and work to put the Bend Turkey Trot together and make it such a fun and successful event.

Don't forget to check out the race results here and all the race day photos on facebook here or on kodak gallery here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out for The Jingle Bell Run on December 4th.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Good and the slightly disappointing

You know, I get questions all the time about what is the best shoe? What's the best clothing? What GU's taste the best? Well, a lot of this is sheer opinion but I'll give you my two cents. I have the pleasure of ordering the absolute best running clothing and shoes in the world and it is sometimes hard to differentiate what truly is the best. However, I can tell you from personal experience what works the best for me.
This week I'll attack a couple subjects:
1. Running Shirts. I know, you have a closet full of race T-shirts so you never need to buy a new one, right? I hear you.... to a point. Now, I agree, it is nice that long ago are the days of receiving cotton T-shirts from races that were really only "performance wear" if you were painting your house, cleaning your gutter, or well, you get the idea.
However, while the shirts from races are now "technical", I certainly wouldn't call them top of the line. The first shirt winter shirt that I grab out of the drawer is my Craft zeroextreme shirt. They fit right against the skin (think Superhero!) and somehow they seem to be the absolute perfect weight on their own for anything from about 30-55 degrees. I like that I don't have to wear multiple layers in anything but the nastiest weather and the tight fit prevents any rubbing or chafing. They aren't cheap ($70) but in my opinion, they are truly best in class.
Here is a picture of Michelle and Heather wearing the new winter design.

Socks: I believe that we carry the best sock lines on the market. However, in winter, my main concern is getting a sock that can truly wick moisture away from the skin as fast as possible. Stepping in snowy "puddles" is no joke when it is below freezing out and you need something that will keep your foot as dry as possible. I don't think that there is much question that Drymax socks keep feet drier than any on the market. Check out these cool videos on how Drymax works. Click here. And, right now, we are running a special on Drymax socks. Buy 2 and get 1 free! Come give them a try, you'll be glad you did.
Okay, I don't have a "bad" but I do have a disappointment. As you know, we at Fleet Feet are huge fans of Hammer Nutrition. One of the items that we were most excited about were Perpetuem solids. This was going to be a densely caloric product made up in an energy "bite" that could be consumed while during an endurance event like marathons, Ironman, etc. The advantage would be to be able to have an easy to eat item while on the run instead of constantly eating GUs or energy blocks.
I went out for a 2.5 hour run this weekend with training buddy Dave Bowman and we cracked open a new baggy of them. Excited, we each popped one in our mouth. Man, it had to be just about the most chalky and hard to chew item that I have ever tried. Bummer! We were all so excited to get those in the shop. As always, I like that Hammer is pushing the envelope with new products. However, in my opinion, this one is a bust unless you have about three liters of water to take with them. Anyway, those are my reviews for this month. Hope you enjoyed them.
Rod B.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Healthy Knees Clinic Tomorrow.

Since 42% of all overuse injuries involve and affect the knee joint, if you are a runner then you may be one of the majority who are experiencing "runner's knee." Runner's knee is the most common running related injury and involves the mis-tracking of the patella within the femoral groove.

There are several ways to avoid and/or recover from overuse and running related knee injuries including strengthening the quadriceps to improve patellar tracking, stretching the hamstrings and calves to reduce over pronation, running on soft but stable surfaces, and gradually adding hills to your training and increasing mileage by only 10% a week.

Another key to knee health is wearing proper footwear to support and cushion your specific and individual gait patterns and biomechanics. Please stop by the shop any day from 10:00 to 6:00 to have an expert gait analysis and shoe fitting with any of our fully trained and qualified representatives.

Another important key to your knee health is being informed and aware of what is happening in a healthy and an injured knee... tomorrow night we have the perfect opportunity for you to learn everything you need to know.

Knee health is very important to keeping you moving, and an extremely important and relevant topic with so many injuries popping up in this area. Feet Feet Bend is hosting Scott Forester for a presentation titled "Healthy Knees for Runners: A mindful Approach." Scott was actually lead to his current occupation in reaction to a knee injury and has a great deal of personal and professional experience and interest on this topic.

Scott is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant at La Pine Physical Therapy and has been a certified personal trainer since 2000. He is also a running form and movement coach, as well as a volunteer coach for the Fleet Feet Bend No Boundaries Running Programs.

This free seminar will be held Thursday, November 11th at 6:00 pm and will cover;
  • Alignment of the spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet to reduce stress on your joints.
  • Explanation and demonstration of structure and function of the running knee.
  • Instruction on effective and efficient integration of the knee into the running gait.
  • The healing process and how to avoid future injuries to the runner's knee.

Please bring comfortable, loose clothing so that you can participate in exercises and experience the topic. All those in attendance will receive a packet with all the information covered during the seminar and will have the opportunity to have personal direction and experience during Scott Forester's lesson.

Scott Forester can be reached at 541-536-4822 or with any questions or for coaching and personal training.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thank you Ladies.

We would like to send a special thank you out to all the ladies that made it out to the Diva Night Beach Party last night. We had an absolute blast over some tasty margaritas and cute little cupcakes last night and hope that all you ladies did too!

We would also like to give a special shout out to our partners for the evening

Sara Murrell

Living Lotus Massage

Mark & Carrie DeJohn

Active Therapeutics


Ida's Cupcake Cafe


Mother's Juice Cafe


Johanna Olson

COCC Physiology Lab

541-383-7768 x7768

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thanks to everyone that dropped by last night to take advantage of the Central Oregon Community College Health Information Night. We had a lot of fun learning about all the testing that is available from the physiology lab and how it can benefit runners of all levels and also got a little competitive in some fitness testing.

If you missed Johanna Olson last night she will be back for Diva Night next Thursday, so yet another reason to drop in next week. Be sure and RSVP here to guarantee your spot with us. Diva Night will also feature body work and massage from Mark and Carrie DeJohn of Active Thearapuetics and also Sara Murrell of Living Lotus Massage. There will be lots of yummy drinks and yummy treat's from Ida's Cup Cake Cafe.

Last, but surely not least all the ladies can enjoy 10% off on everything store wide and 15% off on all of our bras! Come on down, enjoy the warmth of the tropics at our Diva Night Beach Party and then take some of that warmth with you with a bag full of cozy jackets, beanies, tights, socks and fun freebies.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why every runner should try Cross Country this fall.

If the cooling temps and the turning coolers aren't sparking flashbacks to waffle racers, bus trips, team huddles and that team uniform you "forgot" to return after your senior season of high school cross country then it's time for you to throw that singlet back on and reclaim some of that Cross Country Glory, or perhaps create such memories for the first time.

We are offering a 4 week rotating Community Cross Country Series this fall for teams, individuals, adults and children.

Meet Schedule
#1 Thursday Sept 30th – 5k at COCC benefiting Mt View HS XC team at 5:30.
#2 Thursday Oct 7th – 6k at Shevlin Park benefiting Summit HS XC team at 5:30.
#3 Wednesday Oct 13th– 5k at COCC benefiting COCC Running Club at 4:30.
#4 Thursday Oct 21st – 3k at Juniper Park benefiting Bend HS XC team at 4:30.

Reasons why Cross Country is more fun...

1. Teams: round up your buddies, get creative with your team name and race for each other instead of against each other. Scoring points for your team and working together will motivate and inspire you to push yourself and run for others in addition to running for yourself.

2. Spikes & Flats: Runners love shoes. They are the only equipment and the only toys that we get. Runners discuss their shoes like they discuss sports cars; how they ride and how they look as your roll through the park... Well nothing rides like a fresh pair of Saucony Kilkenny's or Asics Gel-Speed Stars. Cross is a great excuse to spike up and get some bright and fresh new gear.

3. Add some excitement to your mid-week and free-up Saturday morning: You train and work hard for the payoff on race day... but why does race day always have to be Saturday morning? Your Friday night meal and plans can really be hampered by your Saturday morning plans. So why not break-up the routine, give your something to look forward to, avoid having to wait all week long to race and free up your Friday night in the process!

4. Speed-work... but substitute fun for work: When you race short you are asking your body to sustain a pace significantly faster than that of a marathon, 10k or half, but this will bring a new perspective to pacing. Your old fast will feel more comfy and 10k race pace will feel like a cake walk before you know it. Plus you don't have to think about it as a workout, you can just enjoy surging, competing and running with your friends instead of driving yourself through 1k repeats or a tempo solo.

3. A 20 minute run flies by after months of long runs: You put in your long runs and miles and all the hard work now have some fun and do something short and sweet. We all respect the marathon and ultras and halfs, but you might just find a new respect or love for the shorter distances... who knows maybe come spring I will talk you in to trying the track.

For more details on age and team division details and to print off your registration form please visit the Fleet Feet Bend Website.

Hope to see you all out there Next Thursday at COCC for the first race of the series!
- mk

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Support the Central Oregon Down Syndrome Network October 2nd.

The Central Oregon Down Syndrome Network is presenting a community Buddy Token run and a one mile walk to promote awareness, inclusion and acceptance of all people with Downs Syndrome. This fun community event supports a great cause within the local community and across the nation as part of 275 Buddy Walks planned during Downs Syndrome Awareness month.

This is the 3rd year annual CODSN Buddy Run/Walk and features a new course and the addition of a Buddy Token Run. Day of race registration begins for the 5k run at 9:00 AM and at 10:00 AM for the one mile buddy walk. The gun goes off at 10:00 AM for the 5k run and 11:00 AM for the one mile buddy walk. Both start from River Bend Park.

The run/walk is only the beginning of the day though! Live entertainment, a BBQ lunch, music and raffles are all included for all participants. This includes special guests Tom & Bryan Lambke, a father and his 28 year old son who co-authored of "I just am", Janellybean, local Central Oregon Cheer Squads and Skip Taylor from KMGX-FM Mix 100.7.
Participation in the 5k, a BBQ lunch and all the fun and entertainment to follows is all included in the $5.00 entry fee. This event is designed to spread awareness, inclusion, coordination and acceptance within and throughout the local community of people with Downs syndrome.
Your participation and support is greatly appreciated and your impact goes a long way in promoting a great cause. If you are unable to be present on October 2nd donations can be made to support the Central Oregon Downs Syndrome Network at any time or email the CODSN to learn more about what you can do to promote awareness and progress for those with Downs syndrome year round.

Hope to see you on October 2nd for the CODSN Buddy Run/Walk and thank you for your support.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Congrats Trail Running 101 and No-Bo on Xterra.

Congratulations to all our training program participants on your hard work and accomplishments.

Thank you to all our program members for all your effort and commitment these past weeks. It has been a real pleasure for us to work with you and be part of the experiences and the resulting growth our members displayed not only today during the Xterra 5K, 10K and half marathon races, but consistently through out the entire program. We could not be more proud of all that you have personally accomplished and could not be more honored than we are now to have helped and supported our members as we shared this time with you and helped you to reach your goals. We hope that running will continue to be a positive and ongoing part of your life and that we will also continue to support your progression and development as an athlete and a person.

Please stay posted for pictures from the race and also visit Brightroom Event Photography as photos are loaded over the next several days. You can also look up your results on the Xterra website as they are posted.
Congratulations again and again. We hope that you will take some time to celebrate and reflect on your success and that we will see you out on the trails again soon!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun on the Pub Run.

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night for our Pub Run despite the scorching heat and the ash falling from the sky! Together we raised over $200.00 for two great causes. The Lesedi Project and Girls on the Run of Deschutes County! I hope everyone that joined us at Brother Jon's Public House enjoyed the run and refreshing brew after. Also sending a hearty thank you to the folks at Brother Jon's for hosting this group of sweating and sipping runners. Your hospitality, venue, brews and, that tasty french dip I scored, were all greatly appreciated.

Stay posted for more details about Pub Run #2: Tentitively planned for Thursday September 16th.

- Marci K.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why a running store is a nice resource of bikers, triathletes and all active types.

Although Fleet Feet is a store designed for runners, there is also good reason for endurance athletes of all types to make a trip into the store and enjoy the Gu's, glides and gear that will please every athletes palate.

Bikers, hikers, skiers and all other types of lovers of long distance can find something to help them with their adventure of choice. Let me provide some of you who need a reason other than "Will Run for Beer" t's and shiny Garmin watches to drop by the store.

Hikers: Hikers and runners both depend on good socks to keep us moving. Friction from cotton socks can go beyond irritation to blisters comparable to Keiger Gorge (If you haven't been to Keiger, you need to make a trip to the Steens Mountains before it starts snowing so you can relate the magnitude of such an abrasion.) We have a solution: Drymax Socks. Featuring flat seams among moisture wicking fabric with venting and breathable mesh for padded protection and comfort. These socks let you enjoy the view from the summit instead of feeling the pain of the summit.

Triathletes: Body Glide is great for preventing self induced strawberries for runners but TriSlide is a great aid for triathletes trying to fly through transitions and minimizing the potential risk of straining a muscle while your yanking and stretching your suit over extremities. Slicker up with Body Glide and TriSlide products for personal records and personal safety.

Bikers: Whether you are covering the trails on two feet or on two wheels it's always essential to carry some quick energy for those long rides. Endurance athletes often react to our wall of performance nutrition products with the bright eyes of a kid in a candy shop. If you prefer Margarita Shot Bloks or Blueberry Pomegranate Chomps, or any other combination of chewy or guey energy, we have what you need.

Whatever your style is and no matter what blows your hair back we have products for every type of endurance athlete. So please come by the shop and find you next best purchase.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bend: In the eyes of a newbie.

As a very fresh new comer to the Bend area I have been on the accelerated learning curve as to what is "Bend, Oregon." I am from a town in another part of Oregon that I now recognized as both significantly smaller and significantly less active than Bend. Although my home town is also surrounded by trees, mountains and rivers just like Bend I could go on a run any time, any day and bump into fewer cars in an hour at home than the number of i-pod packing runners, baby-stroller joggers, trail-worthy bikers and doggy tag-a-longs during 10 minutes in Bend. Everyone is active and everyone is an athlete!

Also, note worthy: Bend is infested with trails! Not just deer trails and irrigation ditches, but real trails designed and constructed for bikes and runners. There are the urban trails like the Deschutes River Trail and Larkspur Trail, and the mainstays like Phil's trail and Shevlin, but also countless unnamed or unmarked treasures weaving and linking and tying Bend together. I am always glad to find new trails when I run with those locals who are more accurate in their use of round-about art for navigation. If you have a secret trail to share please post it!

Last but certainly not least, Bend has replaced the countless wineries of my home town with an extremely exciting number of breweries and businesses that provide beautiful selection of brews! I have not been able to visit many of them but have been using my resources (co-workers, acquaintances and The Source Weekly) in combination with a quick peak in the window as I run through town to develop "to do" list of venues. So far I have 10 barrel, McMenamin's and Cascade Lakes... again suggestions are appreciated.

In return for any advice and insight, I will provide you with a tip to meet some new faces and potentially an undiscovered brew while supporting a good cause. Join us Wednesday August 25th at 6:00 for a Pub Rub to benefit two great causes the Lesedi Project and The Girls on the Run Deschutes County. We have partnered with Brother Jon's Public House & Balega Socks to sponsor a 3 or 5 mile run. We will meet at the Fleet Feet store and finish at Brother Jon's where you can fill your free pint glass with any beer for $2.00.

Sign up by sending me an email ( or giving us a call at 541-389-1601. We are accepting a $10.00 donation to support our causes and the first 50 to register will receive a free logo pint glass. Hope to see you there and hope to get plenty of good tips.

- Marci K.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Xterra National Championships Highlights 2009.

We’re your Xterra Cxn!

Bend has been labeled “America’s Best Trail Running Town” by the editors of Outside Magazine and fondly referred to as home by defending Xterra Champion Max King, with only a month remaining until the September 18th race day it’s not too late to represent the home-grown talent and provide yet another reason why the Xterra National Trail Running Championships belong in Bend.

For as little as $35.00 you can toe the line with the elites in the national championship race. Cover the 21km course and climb a 1,000 feet against the best for your shot at a nice prize purse for the top 5 male and top 5 female finishers.

If you are not tempted to challenge the elites, bring your friends, co-workers, siblings and neighbors and battle for one of 15 age group Xterra national crowns. Titles are awarded to each 5 year age division from 9 and under to 80+. If a half marathon is not in your range of interest there is also 10k, 5k and kids sprint races offered. (All at discounted prices on the August 27th special sign-up day.)

If you are not familiar with the course drop in at 12:30 on September 17th and learn a few tricks at Xterra University. Get to know the course, aid station locations and learn about race day nutrition and hydration when you drop in to pick up your race packet.

If the scenic course and rock-bottom registration fee doesn't get you going maybe the 9:00 start time will do the trick. You don't even have to be up before sun-rise to compete.

- Marci K.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Look to your Insole for happy feet.

Runners know how important it is to keep your feet happy. There is nothing worse than a big, bad blister or an achy arch to slow your roll. As you run an 8 minute mile 350 strides a minute will assuredly remind you that those cotton socks are still bunched under your toes. Repeated foot fall after foot fall may cause you to seriously weigh the pros and cons of stopping mid-race to re-tie that lace that is lashing out. Minor mishaps are repeated 6,000 times during your average 5k fun run and to 90,000 times during a grueling 5 hour marathon.

The key to the happiness of your feet is a good relationship with their dear, close-friend; the shoe. Just like any good relationship your shoe should complement the natural strengths of your feet and compensate for their weaknesses. Now reach deep down into the heart of your shoes and you will find the insoles. Go ahead pull out the manufacturer’s flimsy plastic or rubber insole; find how highly pliable and foldable it is. Not too much in the way of shock absorption or stabilization… there is the potential for Nike, Brooks or Mizuno origami-swans under your feet.

Although some feet and shoes are happy and healthy in this minimalistic relationship, some relationships require a little additional guidance and this is where premium insoles come in. Specialists in biomechanics have created premium insoles to improve shock absorption fit, comfort and performance of existing shoes. They improve posture and balance which makes for a more efficient stride and reduces runner’s pains such as plantar fasciitis, bunions and heel spurs.

For as little as $40.00 and a few ounces you can enjoy all the added benefits of a substantial insert, and your feet can live happily ever with your existing shoes… but if you aren’t ready to commit to a more rigid and controlled fit just yet then join us September 2nd at 6:00 to take a pair of Superfeet insoles for a test run and see if their the right match for you… plus free snacks and a group run will keep your legs and belly happy too.

Check out these links for more information:
Superfeet Insoles Walking & Running Website
Montrail Insoles
Sole Custom Footbeds
Spenco PolySorb Insoles

- Marci K.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Barefoot with Benefits

As folks are coming in looking for minimalist footwear, I thought I would share one my favorite shoes in this class. This is the Inov-8 Talon 212. This is a great shoe for strengthening the foot, getting in some trail speedwork, and with its amazing lugs, is a great trail racing shoe at 7.4 oz.
There is literally no support in this shoe so you will need to rely on your own body mechanics to have an efficient gate. The Inov-8 philosophy is to look to the natural function of the foot for inspiration and guidance whenever they design footwear for the high performance athlete or the recreational runner.
Personally, I love to climb hills in these shoes as I feel like the flexible forefoot of the shoe allows my foot to really "bite" into the hill, get traction, and slingshot me forward.
As with any "barefoot" style shoes, you need to break your body in gently. At first, using these shoes only for shorter runs and races until your body adjusts to a relatively new style of running.
But, if you are interested into the barefoot running scene, I think this is great place to start.
Anyway, we have a good selection of "barefoot" styles in the shop now so come on by and check em' out.

Rod B.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winter Warrior!!

Well, our second year of Winter Warrior has come and gone. Basically, this has been our way to put a bit of a competitive spin (in a very, very informal way) into getting your workouts in. We have 2 yoga classes per week (Wednesday and Sunday nights), 1 strength training class (Monday nights), and one group run (Wednesday nights). Every workout you come to, you obtain points and these points get you some free stuff. It starts with $5.00 gift certificates, moves to our "Winter Warrior" shirt, and the TRUE winter Warrior gets a pair of shoes from Brooks!
Well, a few days before the program began, Lenora James came in and said she was going to win the contest. She claimed that she would come to every single workout. And, by gosh, she did. She did it her own way. On her quest to lose weight, she would usually head out before the rest of us left for our run and by the end of the program, she was usually out the longest (you better not have been at a coffee shop, Lenora!!! :)
And, although, she had aches and pains from her new athletic lifestyle, she would do what she could in all of the classes and what she couldn't do, she observed, and would put to use later!
The best news was when she told me last week that she had lost 25 pounds! Holy Moly! She is now able to fit into jackets and clothing that she hasn't been able to get into for years. Very cool.
Coming in 2nd place, was our store mascot, Laura Kantor. As always, her "can do" attitude and her accomplishments are the stuff books are written about and she inspires me daily with her work ethic and her "trueness" (is that a word, Laura??) to herself and her goals. Laura recently ran a tough and muddy 50K. This coming from a woman who has lost over 125 pounds in the last few years. Such an inspiration.
So, cheers to all of you who came down, got the workouts in and kept us company during the quieter months of winter running!
We're all excited that spring is creeping in and the hibernating runners have been wiping their eyes and emerging in the shop again. We're happy to see you.
So, congrats to Lenora and all the Winter Warriors who were able to keep the flame burning brightly this winter.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prineville Superbowl Run!!

I had seen the race registration form for the Prineville Superbowl Run at Fleet Feet for the last few years. I was semi-tempted to run it before but the idea of a very, very low key road race on Superbowl Sunday never got the juices flowing quite enough to make the drive out to P-Ville. But, when I woke up on Superbowl Sunday, I knew I wanted to get a long run in and the weather was grey and spitting out some rain. As I sipped through my second cup of coffee and thought, "why not?" So, I put on my shorts, stuffed a few GU's in my pockets and made my way to Norm's Extreme Fitness Gym in Prineville. They were offering a 5, 10, and 20 mile race. While it was very low key, there were more people than I expected to see.
After a little milling around, they shuttled all the participants up to Prineville Dam, where the race was going to weave its way in and out of the Canyon rising out of the Crooked River. All of a sudden, on the drive out, I realized that it was going to be an unbelievably beautiful run. I was all of a sudden very excited as I had zero expectations of the run other than getting in some miles at a quicker pace than I normally would push myself on. Once at the top, we all exited and it was pretty apparent to me that I was most likely going to be running by myself. Barely anyone chose to do the 20 mile run which was fine by me as I just wanted a good training run.
In short, this is an awesome run. Probably one of the prettier road runs I have ever done. You are right next to the Crooked River for about 13 miles, passing camp grounds, fly fishermen, and seeing some great wildlife. There was really no traffic and they had water available every 2.5 miles. They were all unmanned aid stations for the first 10 miles which was fine as I would just pour myself a quick cup of water and hit the road again.
My goal was just to run 6:30 pace and push but not kill myself with the pace as I had a good amount of miles on my legs already for the week. I felt pretty good the entire run and only the last 4 or 5 miles are a bit more boring as they are just along flat farm roads. But, if you are looking for something fun to do on Superbowl Sunday, this definitely exceeded my expectations. Beautiful, rolling course with some flats, downhills, and some good uphills to keep you honest. Upon finishing in 2:07, I had a nice bit bowl of chili and chips. Then, it was time to come home and watch the Superbowl. I want to thank Norm for putting on this fun run. I'll be back to do this one again!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trail Conditions

Hey Folks,
funky weather lately so I thought I would post the trail report for this week. Hope you can find some dry ones to run on!
Weather forecast is showing improvement over the next few days with temperatures at least dropping and remaining below the freezing mark for mid to upper elevations. Snow is also in the forecast for most elevations; though not of any great amounts for the next couple of days, it is way better than the rain and coastal like fog of recent weeks.

Present trail conditions for higher elevations above 6,000' are good to improving with new snow. This mostly includes the Dutchman Flat area and above, but trails just below that area down to 5,600' are also in mostly good condition. Snowmobile trail grooming in the Wanoga to Moon Mt. and on to Three Creek Lake area is on a limited schedule, with lower elevation grooming (and trails around Kwohl Butte area) on hold until adequate snow depths build back up. Trail 5 south of Elk Lk and Trail 2 snow conditions have been described as "skinny", with a few bare spots. Likely much of this is due to the recent logging activity/with plowing of those snowmobile trails, which has finished for the season. Trail 5 into Elk Lake from the north has adequate snow but grooming was limited due to mild temps and recent rain. With present colder temps and incoming new snow, grooming/trail conditions to Elk Lk. from the north should improve.

Meissner area ski trails continue be saved by grooming efforts of Tumalo Langlauf Ski Club. Lee and Loyd have been doing a great job considering the meager snow depths in the area.

Swampy Ski/snowshoe trails have improved greatly with a few inches of new snow over the past few days.

Edison area trails have been very snow challenged for the past week, but again, improvement should be on the way with lowering snowlevels and increasing snow.

Newberry Crater trail conditions have been reported as somewhat hard and "snow challenged" we might say. Conditions should improve as the weekend approaches. Grooming was placed on hold due to lack of adequate snow on many of the trails, but will resume with additional snow. Ski trail conditions were reported as hard and icy over the weekend.

Three Creek Sno-Park snow conditions have been very snow challenged with mostly hard to icy and thin (2-4" with bare spots). Trail conditions improve greatly about 3 miles up the trail from the sno-park. And again, improvement is on the horizon with colder temps and incoming snow.

Snowmobile and ski trails in the Santiam Pass Area are likely in challenging conditions as well, but hoping for improved conditions by the weekend with new snow.

Crescent/Odell Lake area snowmobile trails are reported as poor and even hazardous in some cases. The trail between Junction and Crescent Sno-Parks has become a water/slush hazard and not at all recommended until it refreezes and next snow covers the hazards. Ben the local grooming chair says it will take the colder temps and 1-2 feet of new snow before the groomer can work the trail back into good condition.

Wanoga Snow Play Hill conditions, like the winter trails, have been a mixed bag with mostly fair at best. Expect hard and bumpy slope conditions until new snow builds up the base again.

Low elevation summer trails (Deschutes River and Phils Trailhead areas) will hopefully be transitioning from soft and muddy into firmer conditions with the colder temperatures. Even a chance of snow in the forecast for these trails in the coming days.

Peterson Ridge Bike and Horse Trails, south of Sisters, have likely been fair to good lately but will likely improve with colder temperatures and firmer trail tread.

For most trails a caution goes out for the possibility of recent trees across trails. Last week most of the Deschutes received strong winds that brought down new trees. Some of these trees have been cleared from a few winter trails, but expect to find trees on others.

End of report.

Have a safe and fun week!