Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from Fleet Feet Bend.

Happy Holidays from Fleet Feet Bend!
However you are spending your holidays we hope that the season finds you happy, healthy and surrounded by the good company of friends and family. All of us at the shop feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful family of fellow runners, customers, program participants and coaches at Fleet Feet Bend and we want to thank everyone that has shared their goals and lives with us.
A solid winter season is now well under way and the days are even starting to get longer again (thank goodness!). We have had a great time enjoying all the snow and chill with our snow shoe running shoes. We just had our very first snow shoe demo day last week and the crew had a great time giving the shoes a spin in the falling snow. It was a perfect day for it with flakes floating down and plenty of fresh powder. Checkout the ladies looking good and sporting the gear up at Wanoga.
Another exciting event recently presented by Fleet Feet Bend was the Hammer Nutrition Night. Reps from Hammer Nutrition provided some great information about fueling for training, racing and recovering. It was our pleasure to host our friends from Hammer Nutrition for the evening and enjoyed some new products and useful information. If you missed the event stop in the shop to talk to us about your fueling, recovery and nutrition needs. The guys at Hammer left a lot of good reading material about not only Hammer Nutrition products specifically but also about training and fueling for endurance sports in general.
Also, if you haven't checked out the newly introduced Deschutes Multisports Club yet this is another new and exciting way that Fleet Feet Bend has been expanding our family. We are inviting Multisport athletes of all kinds, levels, ages and abilities to meet new training partners, enjoy support from top coaches and resources, to access some great discounts and products, and to take advantage of a great opportunity to be a mentor and leader for other multisport athletes to promote multisports locally here in Bend.
We have so much to be thankful for looking back on this past year, great events, great friends and miles of beautiful trails with gorgeous panoramas, and we have so much to look forward to looking ahead to 2011, watching the Deschutes Multisports Club grow, running together and our staff doing our best to help with all your New Year Resolutions, your goals and dreams.
Have a wonderful end to your 2010 and best wishes for your 2011.
Thank again from all your friends at Fleet Feet Bend.
- The Fleet Feet Bend Staff -
Rod Bien, Scott Wolfe, Heather Hynes, Michelle White, Carolyn Courtwright, Marci Klimek & Chase Parnell

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