Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome Runners.

Our first "Get in Motion Walking Program" with Bend Memorial Clinic has just started up this past week and it has been so nice to see new faces coming into the shop lately. I am very excited to see everyone progress and all the personal accomplishments over the next five weeks. As the ladies have been dropping in and preparing to make a lasting change to their life habits a few important things have stuck out for them as good reminders for all walkers out there working hard this time of year;

1. Walking feels good with the right pair of shoes and a good pair of socks.

Be sure that you are in a shoe that accommodates the way you move and the demands you personally have. Please allow us at least 3o minutes of your time to look at the way you carry yourself and find a shoe that will support you and keep you moving.

Most people over pronate and require a shoe with extra stiffness on the inside on the shoe to prop your foot up and keep it from dropping to the inside. The degree of stiffness that you require depends on your personal walking pattern, but with the help of our slow-mo camera and our in-store treadmill we can discover the right shoe for you at any time.

Synthetic socks are just as important for walkers, if not more so, in comparison to runners. A good pair of Balega, Experia or DryMax socks will keep your feet warm, dry and blister free by wicking moisture and with their no-seam construction. By repeating the same motion hundreds of time, like when you walk a mile, and you will gain a real appreciation for the small but priceless investment of good socks.

2. Comfortable fingers and toes despite the cool weather -
It is cold this time of year and you certainly notice it while you are out there on the move. We have gloves and mittens with varying degrees of warmth and wind protection that will be just right for you whether you run hot or cold. We also carry high-quality, synthetic socks at different lengths and thicknesses and beanies to keep your head warm as well. Even when your moving and working hard it can still be cold and this is where the little details make a big difference.

3. Keep track of your keys, cellphone and other essentials -
When you are on the move the last thing you want to do is have to hold on to your car keys and your house keys and that key chain you got last summer on vacation and your Albertsons/Safeway/Gym cards and your cellphone and blackberry... and the list goes on and on... you just want to walk, move and enjoy the company of your friends and nature around you. You can store all your essentials in a waist pack or in a pouch on various kinds of water bottles. You will know exactly where your things are located and you won't have to worry about losing.

4. Use camaraderie to generate momentum-

Nothing is more satisfying or motivating than sharing your experiences, challenges and growth with others. Find some friends or a mentor who you can bounce ideas off of and identify with. These people can make your feel more comfortable, more capable and more confident in your goals and in yourself. When you have a positive self image you will feel motivated to keep working hard because you know how much you deserve to be happy and healthy and treat your body and mind right.

5. Use resources and information to support your goals -
If your are new to walking and an active lifestyle don't be intimidated by people who have more experience, or by the equipment at the gym, or the running staff at the running store (please come visit us anytime). Be proactive! All the resources are here to help you and we all want to see you succeed. Please ask come with any questions about nutrition, exercise and about finding some connections for specific help with your personal goals. We will take good care of you... I promise we are always glad to see you and help you achieve.

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