Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Updates... Round one.

New Year. New Shoes.
As new shoes start to slip into the store my curiosity has lead me to do some research on the changes that have been made. Many shoes are lighter weight and boast of softer cushioning and a smoother ride. New technologies are being offered by every brand, making it a very exciting time to replace those old kicks. I have summarized my findings below and offer my opinions on several key updates. I hope this will help you learn a little more about changes made to your "go-to" shoe. If you like what you see drop by the shop and take our newest additions out for a spin.

- Asics -

Kayano 17 - Premium Structure and Cushion for Over Pronators.
Asic's premium support and cushioning shoe is now lighter and provides a more cushioned ride. A memory foam lined heel provides a "Personal Heel Fit" and the addition of separate, discrete lace-eyelets to the off-centered "Assymetrical Lacing" works to distribute pressure and tension across your foot rather than on pin-point hotspots. A "Biomorphic Fit", or stretchy material along the outside of your foot reduces buckling and irritation in high stress areas around your little toe. Another great addition is the "Guidance Line" running the entire length of the bottom of the shoe tread. This positions your foot, from heel strike to toe off, in the correct position for the most efficient and responsive stride possible.

Gel 2160 - Cushioning and Moderate Structure for Moderate Over-Pronation.
The stable, cushioned ride offers the same exceptional fit we have come to expect of the 21 series along with the a reduction in weight and the addition of a full length "Guidance Line." The Guidance Line positions the foot to direct motion and eliminated wasted energy to improve efficiency and increase responsiveness from heel-strike to toe-off. A memory-foam "Personal Heel Fit" increase comfort and improves fit by maintaining contact between the foot and the shoe while the Solyte midsole material creates to reduction in weight while maintining the shoes soft, comfy feel.

Nimbus 12 - Premium Cushioning for Nuetral Runners & Suponators.
The Nimbus is offers a dreamy soft ride for those seeking a shoe without posting. The "Guidance Line" has also been extended the entire length of the Nimbus to direct the movement of the foot from heel-strike to toe-off. This improves efficiency by focusing the foots motion and correctly positioning the foot. Separate, "Discrete Lace-Eyelets" and "Asymmetrical Lacing" provide a snug fit that disperses tension and pressure evening over the foot. The "Biomorphic Fit" material allows for extra stretch and reduced buckling at the crease of the shoe at the hot spot near your little toe. An improved "Personal Heel Fit" results from the addition of memory foam that holds you securely in the heel-cup of this shoe. An improved fit on the upper, ride of the midsole and tread of the shoe makes for a great update.

- Mizuno -
Wave Rider 14 - Light-Weight Cushioning for Neutral Runners
The Wave Rider 14 has maintained the same smooth, neutral ride it has always been known for by minimizing acceleration and deceleration for a consistent ride using Mizuno's one-of-a-kind "Wave-Plate" technology. The Wave Rider also features full length mesh for ventilation. Minor updates have been made to the midsole material to give it a more lively and bouncy feel. Additionally the Wave Rider now features "Dynamotion Fit". This works to reduce lateral stress on the shoe by locking the heel in place to control and direct motion, which reduces strain on the instep of the foot. This creates an optimal, functional and dynamic fit while the shoe is in motion.

Inspire 7 - Light-Weight Structure & Support for Over Pronators
The Mizuno Inspire is unique in it's ability to provide plenty of structure and posting without the bulky, heavy and rigid characteristics of many stability shoes. The Inspire now features the addition of "Dynamotion Fit" to lock the heel in position to reduce lateral stress on the instep of of the foot. Other revisions include a new last shaped for a snug-fit to keep the heel and the arch secure within the shoe. Changes in the position of material overlays and lace eyelets cause the foot and shoe to move together all the way through toe off. New "AP+ compound" foam provides softer cushioning and prolonged resiliency in the midsole of the shoe.

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Rod Bien said...

I think shoes look the best I have ever seen them since I opened Fleet Feet. Great new modifications and on a practical level, I'm loving the darker colors on a lot of the road shoes.... great for Central Oregon.