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Working on your race schedule for 2011?

Tips on How to Create Your Race Schedule

If you need a little help getting together you plans for running in 2011 here are a couple tips to consider and a list of great races coming up in and around Central Oregon to add to your calender.

Step #1: Choose a goal race. Pick a race that you are excited about and will motivate and challenging. If you are looking forward to it and excited to prepare for the event it will keep you training and on schedule. Try to pick a race that is about 12 to 16 weeks out, or even more, so that you have enough time to get in all three of the trainings phases: 1.) Base phase, 2.) Competition phase and 3.) Peaking phase.

Step #2: Work backwards from your goal race. Once you have a goal race selected count back four weeks. Label the window from race day to four weeks before race day as your "Peaking Phase."
Go back four to six weeks from the start of your Peaking Phase and label this window from the beginning of your Peaking Phase to four or six weeks before your Peaking Phase starts as your "Competition Phase".
Go back four to six weeks from the start of your Competition Phase and label this window from the start of your Competition Phase to four or six weeks before the start of your Competition Phase as your "Base Phase."
Example of Phases:
Goal Race: Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 miler on April 10th
Peaking Phase: 4 weeks from March 13th to April 10th.
Competition Phase: 6 weeks from April 10th to Febuary 27th.
Base Phase: 6 weeks from January 16th to Febuary 27th.

Step #3: Select Check-points. Pick races along the way to keep you motivated, focused and on track. By creating steps towards your goal you will avoid feeling overwhelmed, intimidated or be tempted to procrastinate. A race can accomplish several things;

1.) Test of your current fitness level to see what your "date-shape" is today,
2.) Measure progress by comparing between events on different days,
3.) Keeping you accountable by creating check-points on the way to your goal.
Make sure that your check points are right for the phase you are in and for your personal goals by addressing each phases as follows;

Base Phase is the first phase and is all about investing a solid base of general endurance for you to build speed onto in later phases. Races during this phase are scheduled as a way to stay familiar with racing. Races should be seen as a fun and different way to get in base miles. Schedule races with friends and train through races instead of pushing for specific finishing statistics. Don't put pressure on yourself to run a certain time or get a certain place during this phase. Just enjoy the environment and camaraderie of other runners at races.

Competition Phase is the second phase where you can add in work-outs one or two times a week in addition, or as a substitute, to the regular runs you had been doing in your base phase. In this phase races should be considered a workout and a measurement of progress. Always consider how hard you have been working all week long and how adding workouts and/or miles can increase fatigue. Don't loss sight of your true, end goals. On goal-race day you will be able to cash in on the hard work you are putting in the bank today. You may not be enjoying the instant gratification today due to soreness or fatigue, but it will pay off when it counts most and you will feel strong and fast later on.

Peaking Phase is the final phase where you can decrease the number of miles you are doing and start focusing on high-quality, low-quantity efforts. There should only be a few, maximal effort races in this final phase. You should feel well rested, fresh and be itching to run fast going into your goal race. You might consider one race a week or two prior to your goal race as a final effort to make you feel sharp, ready and confident for your goal race.

Rest & Recover. Don't forget to rest up for a week or two after your goal race. This way your body and mind will be healthy, rested and ready to start the cycle over again.

Upcoming Races for 2011.

Early Season Tune-ups

Sisters, OR - Feb. 18th
$15.00 for individuals & $35.00 for the whole family.

Snow shoes and headlamps are required for this low-key and family friendly race. The course consists of well-marked and well-groomed cross country ski trails. If you don't have running snow shoes we do rent them out of the shop for $15.00 a day!

Sunriver, OR - Feb. 19th
$25.00 by Feb 18 & $30.00 day of.
Part of the Chocolate Amour Festival at Sunriver Resort and benefiting New Generations. The aid station will be offering chocolate to provide you a sugar induced PR.

GRIN AND BEAR IT 5k & 10k, 1 mile fun run.
Old Mill in Bend, OR - March 12th
$30.00 w/shirt & $15.00 w/o. Add $10 after March 5th.

Support Healthy Beginnings with this early season 5k and 10k race from the Les Schwab Amphitheatre.

Sisters, OR - March 18th
$23.00 for 5k & $28.00 for 10k

Start your weekend right with a run along smooth, single track trails on Peterson Ridge. Start time is 6:00pm from the Sister's Athletic Club.

LIGHT OF HOPE 5k & 10k

Riverbend Park Bend, OR - April 17th

$30.00 for 5k or 10k w/shirt. $20.00 w/o.

Support CASA of Central Oregon and provide hope for local abused and neglected children with this race from Riverbend Park near the Old Mill.

Goal Races

Portland, OR - March 13th
$32.00 before 3/12, $29.00 for groups of 4 or more.
Limited to 30,000 entries this is one of the most popular road races in Portland. Every participant receives a race t-shirt in addition to bottle-opener medallion, a nice pour of Widmer beer and a warm cup of smoked salmon chowder.

SE Bend, OR - April 3rd
$25.00 before 3/29, $30.00 after
Great views to start your summer racing season off right on this single track trail loop.

Medford, OR - April 9th
$14.50 w/o shirt, $22.50 w/ dry-fit shirt & $17.50 after April 4th
Run among blossoming pear orchards on this flat, fast road course. With nearly 1,600 participants in the 10-miler alone during 2010 this race is USATF certified and chip-timed.

Sisters, OR - April 10th
$45 for 40-miles, $35 for 20 miles until 3/21. Add $10 after. No day of race registration.

Support Sisters High School Cross Country with 20 or 40 miles of beautiful mountain views. Bring your four-legged training partners along for the 20 mile event. Prize money for top over-all finishers and for the first finishers over the age of 40. BBQ lunch included.

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