Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boys in the Mud...

Well, the Fleet Feet ultra boys headed over to the Hagg Lake 50k to take on the (moderate) mud and rolling hills outside of Forest Grove. I have personally done this run 7 times (man, am I getting that old?) and Sean has run it 6 times. So, we have seen tons of mud, little mud, and somewhere in between. This year was about perfect as there was enough mud to keep things interesting but not enough to get really frustrated.

The Hagg Lake Trail runs offer two distances: a 25k (15.5 miles) and a 50k (31 miles). The runs circle Hagg Lake once for the 25k and twice for the 50k. They are fun, low key races, that allow runners to shake off the rust of winter and see exactly how many pies need to be burned off from the holidays.

Congratulations to all of the Central Oregonians who played in the mud: 50kers Benjamin Baxter, Al MacInnis, Todd Chester, and Nancy MacInnis. 25k representatives were Clint Mosely and Christina Baxter.

Sean and I both had solid races and finished in 4th and 2nd place, respectively. Sean's might be more impressive as he dressed like Richard Simmons for the entire run (wig included) and come to think about it...his body looks pretty darn similar as well.

If you want to learn more about the event for next year, click here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tour of California Update

Defending champion Levi Leipheimer (Astana) seized the lead of the 2009 Amgen Tour of California on Monday with a daring attack on the steeps of Bonny Doon just outside the finish in Santa Cruz.
Thomas Peterson (Garmin-Slipstream) won stage 2, a 115.9-mile ride from Sausalito to Santa Cruz, with Michael Rogers (Columbia-Highroad) finishing third on the day and slotting into second overall. But the race clearly belonged to Leipheimer, who shot away from his rivals to chase down a disintegrating break and snatch the leader’s jersey from Rock Racing’s Francisco Mancebo.
“Turn your shower on, as cold as it gets, and stand there for four hours,” is how Leipheimer described the feeling on the bike Monday.
With all the water on the road, it was another unlucky day for a dozen or so riders, among them Lance Armstrong (Astana), who crashed after a bump with his own photographer’s motorcycle, and Andy Jacques-Maynes (Bissell), who was taken to Santa Cruz in an ambulance after a hard spill.
At day’s end, Leipheimer led the Tour of California by 24 seconds over Rogers, with David Zabriskie (Garmin-Slipstream), Lance Armstrong and Chris Horner (both Astana) rounding out the top five on general classification.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lance Gets His TT Bike Stolen

Well, in a crazy turn of events, it seems Lance Armstrong and a few of his Astana teammates lost there bikes to some fans Saturday night in Sacramento. So, what idiots would be stupid enough to take a one of a kind machine that has "LIVESTRONG" painted all over it? Who knows!!
You can see Lance's Machine in the previous blog, and by the way, if you happen to see it, and trust me you would recognize it, let someone know!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Guess Who Rides This Machine?

Ok, so being a triathlete I had to post this machine!
The Tour of California starts this weekend with one of the most powerful fields ever assembled - Levi Leipheimer, Floyd Landis, and Lance Armstrong, not to mention a large group of other very talented riders. As everyone knows, both Lance and Floyd are making their comebacks, of course for 2 different reasons. But no doubt that this will be an awesome year for cycling as long as everyone can stay clean!
So, I hope everyone can enjoy one of the biggest (if not the biggest) cycling events in the United States, and also the Giro D'Italia and the Tour De France, because it should be very exciting to watch these guys battle it out!

Fleet Feeter Makes a Prize-Worthy MadAss Ale!

Maura Schwartz, of MUT (Madras Ultra Team), is a woman of many talents. She runs. She bikes. She travels the world. She skis. She hosts the MadAss 25k and 50k.

She also makes beer. Very good beer.

For the past three years, Mo has brewed up a good batch of homebrew to share with the runners at her MadAss run in January. This year, the fourth running of the MadAss, was no different.

Well, it was kinda different. As usual, she had a good batch of MadAss Ale awaiting the eager runners as they finished their runs. But this year, the beer had a little more to it. Something special. So special, in fact, that a few people urged Maura to enter her latest MadAss Ale in the KLCC Brewfest in Eugene the next weekend.

Maura with her hard-earned and well-deserved pretty red ribbon (also note those pearly whites, sans metal).

So Maura got herself, and more importantly, her MadAss Ale, entered (in what I believe was Maura's first brew competition). And as it turned out, the tired, dehydrated, and ravenous post-MadAss Run runners weren't just buttering her up for a free beer...the brewfest folks loved the MadAss Ale, too! Maura won 2nd place in the American Pale Ale category!

Congratulations to the most famous, and our favorite, brewer in Madras!

Tread Lightly

Treadmills allow you to keep up your mileage when it's cold and dark outside. But too much time on the belt could lead to injury when you hit the roads. Because treadmills absorb shock and lighten the load on your legs, if you stay inside for weeks on end then log a 10 miler outside, your body may struggle to support the force of your footfalls. Also, you can become somewhat adapted to running on a flat surface, which could trip you up when you're back on uneven terrain. The fix?
Split your training. Here's how.

- For quality workouts like speedwork and tempo runs to hit your target pace
- For the last miles of a long run for a strong finish
- When it's too dark outside to see (unless you use a headlamp)
- When your street turns into a ice rink
- For easy, recovery runs, when slowing down is good for you
- For the first part of your long run when a slower pace is acceptable
- During daylight hours
- When the roads are clear and the temperatures aren't brutal


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fighting the Winter BLAHS!

I always find this time of year kind of difficult. You get teased by a few days of spring-like weather. You throw on the shorts and you think summertime is right around the corner. Then, it snows. And then it's winter again. Its' tough to throw on the tights and beanie again after that! So, I thought I would give you all some tips of what I have found works for me to get motivated again.

1. A new routine on the treadmill. I know, the treadmill stinks. But at least for me, with three kids, sometimes I just don't have time in the shortened day to get outside or the weather just doesn't sound inviting. So, a lot of times I'll do a "progressive run" on the treadmill. I turn on the television or you could do it with songs if that helps. I then say that I am going to cover up the "clock" and run through 5 sets of commercials. I start at a brisk pace for me and then speed up one notch at each commercial. This is usually about a 40 minute run for me and it allows me to always look forward to something soon and provides a tough workout. It is usually over before I know it. Give it a try!
2. Run your standard route backward. If you are used to running a "standard" route, try going the other way. You'll be amazed how different it feels and it's interesting to find if you run at the same pace with regards to when you tackle some hills , etc. Hey, it may just get you out the door!
3. Shake up your routine. Hopefully we can help you in this department. If you don't feel like a run or walk, do SOMETHING. Don't just procrastinate. We have a couple of awesome workouts every week that will get your juices going.....
On Wednesday nights, try yoga. Even if you have NEVER tried or understood yoga, this is a great place to get your feet wet. For $5.00 you'll get a great workout and stretch and maybe dabble in a new form of fitness. Here are the details.
Secondly, we have a Strength Training program with Cynthia Ratzman from Accelerated Fitness. On Monday nights at 6 p.m., usually about 20 of us get together for a great workout. It is a great mix of people, with all shapes and sizes and ages. We have great energy and I guarantee you'll love it. More details here.
4. Download new music/buy a new CD. I love running to music. Not everyone does but listening to NEW music when I run is great. Sometimes having new music is the motivation I need to take the first few steps out the door!
5. Have a goal! This is probably the most important thing for me to have! I need to feel the pull of an event to get me rolling. Choose an event and you'll know you have to get some training in to make sure you actually have fun at the race! Tons of races are coming around the corner, just pick one.
If you feel like you need some tools on how to train or want more companionship for your training, we can help there. We offering training programs for a 5K and a half marathon. Click here to learn more.
I hope that helps! And remember that we have group runs on Wednesday evenings (6 p.m.) and Sunday mornings (8:30 a.m.). Of course, all levels and abilities are welcome!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Winter Warrior T's Spotted

Our Winter Warrior T's have been spotted throughout the country! These T's are becoming wanted throughout the land and we have about 90 athletes earning their points through all of our great workouts here at the store.

The latest sighting coming from Boulder, Colorado just the other day!

See how you can become a Winter Warrior; stop by or give us a call to find out!

Our own David Krayeski sporting his own Winter Warrior T outside Fleet Feet Boulder!