Friday, February 13, 2009

Tread Lightly

Treadmills allow you to keep up your mileage when it's cold and dark outside. But too much time on the belt could lead to injury when you hit the roads. Because treadmills absorb shock and lighten the load on your legs, if you stay inside for weeks on end then log a 10 miler outside, your body may struggle to support the force of your footfalls. Also, you can become somewhat adapted to running on a flat surface, which could trip you up when you're back on uneven terrain. The fix?
Split your training. Here's how.

- For quality workouts like speedwork and tempo runs to hit your target pace
- For the last miles of a long run for a strong finish
- When it's too dark outside to see (unless you use a headlamp)
- When your street turns into a ice rink
- For easy, recovery runs, when slowing down is good for you
- For the first part of your long run when a slower pace is acceptable
- During daylight hours
- When the roads are clear and the temperatures aren't brutal


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