Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fighting the Winter BLAHS!

I always find this time of year kind of difficult. You get teased by a few days of spring-like weather. You throw on the shorts and you think summertime is right around the corner. Then, it snows. And then it's winter again. Its' tough to throw on the tights and beanie again after that! So, I thought I would give you all some tips of what I have found works for me to get motivated again.

1. A new routine on the treadmill. I know, the treadmill stinks. But at least for me, with three kids, sometimes I just don't have time in the shortened day to get outside or the weather just doesn't sound inviting. So, a lot of times I'll do a "progressive run" on the treadmill. I turn on the television or you could do it with songs if that helps. I then say that I am going to cover up the "clock" and run through 5 sets of commercials. I start at a brisk pace for me and then speed up one notch at each commercial. This is usually about a 40 minute run for me and it allows me to always look forward to something soon and provides a tough workout. It is usually over before I know it. Give it a try!
2. Run your standard route backward. If you are used to running a "standard" route, try going the other way. You'll be amazed how different it feels and it's interesting to find if you run at the same pace with regards to when you tackle some hills , etc. Hey, it may just get you out the door!
3. Shake up your routine. Hopefully we can help you in this department. If you don't feel like a run or walk, do SOMETHING. Don't just procrastinate. We have a couple of awesome workouts every week that will get your juices going.....
On Wednesday nights, try yoga. Even if you have NEVER tried or understood yoga, this is a great place to get your feet wet. For $5.00 you'll get a great workout and stretch and maybe dabble in a new form of fitness. Here are the details.
Secondly, we have a Strength Training program with Cynthia Ratzman from Accelerated Fitness. On Monday nights at 6 p.m., usually about 20 of us get together for a great workout. It is a great mix of people, with all shapes and sizes and ages. We have great energy and I guarantee you'll love it. More details here.
4. Download new music/buy a new CD. I love running to music. Not everyone does but listening to NEW music when I run is great. Sometimes having new music is the motivation I need to take the first few steps out the door!
5. Have a goal! This is probably the most important thing for me to have! I need to feel the pull of an event to get me rolling. Choose an event and you'll know you have to get some training in to make sure you actually have fun at the race! Tons of races are coming around the corner, just pick one.
If you feel like you need some tools on how to train or want more companionship for your training, we can help there. We offering training programs for a 5K and a half marathon. Click here to learn more.
I hope that helps! And remember that we have group runs on Wednesday evenings (6 p.m.) and Sunday mornings (8:30 a.m.). Of course, all levels and abilities are welcome!

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Tate said...

do you offer any services in Eugene for the winter blahs?! :)