Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For all the ladies out there:

Sweaty Bands have made their debut here at Fleet Feet Bend! If you’ve never heard of these nifty accessories, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Sweaty Bands are the only headbands we’ve found that follow through on their claim to stay in place during vigorous activity. Our female staffers here at Fleet Feet have been putting Sweaty Bands to the test for the past few weeks, logging miles and wearing them during various undertakings, and we’ve unanimously concluded that these bands are the cat’s meow.

Sweaty Bands are backed with a velvet lining that grips your head without causing breakage to your hair. They come in a vast array of colors and patterns – from solids to sparkles.

If you’ve ever spend more energy trying to keep your headband in place than you did on your run, look no further than your local Fleet Feet. Trust me gals, these babies ain’t goin’ anywhere!

Check out all the available colors, sizes and prints at:


Or visit us at Fleet Feet to try em on and style 'em up for yourself. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What happens when a lightweight racer takes to the trails? The Saucony Peregrine.

The Saucony Kinvara has received a lot of praise in it's own right as a very light weight, bouncy and minimal road racing and training shoe that looks sharp as a tack. Weighing only 7.7 oz, the Kinvara flies fast and has an amazingly light and airy ride. This is great for a fast tempo or for intervals on the track but as I think about pounding out a long run I start to imagine ripping the the paper thin mesh to shreds, crushing the light as a feather foam and scuffing up those pearly white uppers. Now add only 1.4 oz of durability, versatility and protection and you have yourself the Saucony Peregrine, and the happy mix between a flexible minimalist and the bulky, over-protective feel of structured shoes.

The Saucony Peregrine is a light weight trail burner that wears tough and rides smooth. With closed mesh fabric and synthetic leather webbing on the same cut nd snug fit of the Kinvara, the Peregrine provides a greater amount of control for a responsive feel that is essential for a good trail shoe.

The tissue paper feel of he Kinvara has been upgraded to a protective and reliable mesh that you feel safe in pushing on even the most technical trails... and also through the most extreme elements. With a Gusseted Tongue, Hydrator Collar Lining and gaiter compatibility the Peregrine can trek through mud, snow and shine.

Memory Foam heel pods and a small decrease in the wider-than-average forefoot that is typical of Saucony creates a very snug, secure and locked in feel from toe to heel. In true minimalist style the 4 mm heel drop of the Kinvara is maintained in the Peregrine and matches that of the hugely popular New Balance Minimus. This keeps you close to the trail and well balanced.

The SSL EVA and ProGride LITE midsole foam is very cushy and responds well to rocks, roots and other obstacles and the External Bedrock Outsole provides protection and a touch of stability through its rugged composition. Aggressive lugs and a High Traction Carbon Compound Rubber keep you from slipping up or falling down and in control of the trail.

Ultimately the Peregrine offers subsantial protection and support in a light, flexible package. You can develop strength and coordination with the light minimalist characteristics, but keep running all those big miles without overextending your muscles and legs with plenty of cushioning. A snug fit, great protection and a low-profile, cushy shoe that is responsive yet sturdy. The balanced and versatile Saucony Peregrine may just provde to be one of the biggest crowd pleasers of 2011.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New: The North Face Tadasana Zip-Neck Top & Pant

The North Face has been doing some pretty fun, comfy and functional products in their yoga line. We recently have brought in the Tadasana VPR Rose and the Tadasana Pant in both the graphite grey nylon supplex version with Pippi Pink detail and the all black stretch cotton version.

The Tadasana VPR Rose full-zip jacket is super stretchy and has such a soft feel. This top is ideal for warming up on a cool summer morning or to stay warm while you stretch out after a long run. 90% nylon and 10% elastane, this "ShapeShifter" fabic gives nicely so you don't feel the top cutting in or restricting your movement. The fabric is also sheer enough that it doesn't catch or chaffe in the pits and elbows. The slim-fit and extra long cut paired with this stretchy, smooth fabric is snug enough to fit securely and stay in place, long enough to feel air from sneaking in at the waistline, but isn't so tight that it squeezes your soft spots. All the pros, none of the cons for a top that is form fitting, supportive and flattering!

The flat lock seams and contrasting Pippi Pink stitching and floral print really pops against the Graphite Grey. Mesh panneling moves air when you are working hard and Vapor-wick material moves moisture away from your body to evaporate quickly and keeps you dry making this a very technical and very attractive piece. Other details include hand pockets, zipper pull and UPF protection.

The North Face Tadasana VPR Pant features 4-way stretch, 88% Nylon Supplex and 12% elastane for a ShapeShifting qualities that give every women a slimmer look without too much compression or restriction. No muffin tops or other undesirable bulges here. This style has a very comfortable, wide waistband that feature a fun Pippi Pink contrast on one hip for understated flare. Functional features inclube a compact stash pocket and Sanitized Silver to resist body odor.

The all black, stretch cotton version of the Tadasana Pant comes with a silicon finish for a soft feel and is free of side seams for an flowing fit and added comfort. The most significant difference between the VPR and cotton version is in the physical weight of the pants which is worth note since the Tadasana pants do not have a draw string. Both versions are very comfy, however the stretch cotton is not as technical or a piece. So the stretch cotton may be more ideal for walkers or for post or pre run than for speed work or a long run.

All in all, The North Face Tadasana Tops and Bottoms are very eye catching and a very attractive take on a technically sound piece. Reasonably priced at $75.00 for the full zip-top, $65.00 for the technical VPR bottoms and $50.00 for the stretch cotton bottoms hurry in to try them on for yourself and checkout all our new spring styles from The North Face.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why barefoot?

I've been answering a lot of emails about our upcoming barefoot seminars that we are putting on with Rebound Physical Therapy. I thought I would write a quick post as to why I think these clinics can be beneficial and who can get something out of them.
As I have posted before, I was drawn to minimal shoes for two reasons and none of them had anything to do with wanting to be a barefoot runner. First and foremost, I have a funky feet for shoes. I have "B" width feet (standard women's width) and I am bow legged. Therefore, not many standard men's shoes fit me. Therefore, I started getting drawn to racing flats as they were the only shoes seemed to really "hug" my foot and give me a technical fit. It felt so good to not be slopping around in my shoes that I could forgo the cushioning that I was used to.
Secondly, later, I became drawn towards more racing flats/minimal shoes as I began to become a faster runner. I wanted something lighter that I felt would be better in my 50-100 mile trail races. However, along the way, I noticed something. I wasn't getting injured as much anymore. I also noticed that I liked the way my feet and legs felt when running in a minimal shoe. I could flex my foot more when running uphill and I felt a much more natural movement when running downhill. No longer was I feeling the abrupt and distinct transition of heel to forefoot. Instead, I was striking mid-foot and feeling more agile and nimble and much less "slappy".
So, where the hell am I going with this? Somewhere along the way, I think we have forgotten that running IS a skill. What minimal/barefoot running can teach is a more efficient and effective way to run. When wearing a minimal shoe or running barefoot, the body will be less inclined slam down the heel because, well, it will hurt.
Try this test. Take off your shoes and run outside your house for 30 seconds. Are you slamming your heel down? No. Most likely you are striking on your forefoot or midfoot. This is a more efficient way of running.
So, in our classes, we will use barefoot running as a tool to allow you to feel what correct running form is. This is not to imply that it will take away any current injuries that you have but I do believe that it will help you to have better running form which will put you on the path to become a better runner.
So, don't be intimidated or worried about the class. It is for both the novice and advanced runner.
We'll use the first night to talk about barefoot technique and some pitfalls to be aware of. We'll give you a DVD of you running in minimal footwear or barefoot that should help you be able to see your progression as you let barefoot running become part of your routine.
On the second evening, we'll head over to Sawyer Park to practice technique. It should be a blast. I'm excited about putting it on and hope you'll be able to join us. More information on the program is here.
To reserve your spot, email: rod@fleetfeetbend.com