Friday, February 13, 2009

Fleet Feeter Makes a Prize-Worthy MadAss Ale!

Maura Schwartz, of MUT (Madras Ultra Team), is a woman of many talents. She runs. She bikes. She travels the world. She skis. She hosts the MadAss 25k and 50k.

She also makes beer. Very good beer.

For the past three years, Mo has brewed up a good batch of homebrew to share with the runners at her MadAss run in January. This year, the fourth running of the MadAss, was no different.

Well, it was kinda different. As usual, she had a good batch of MadAss Ale awaiting the eager runners as they finished their runs. But this year, the beer had a little more to it. Something special. So special, in fact, that a few people urged Maura to enter her latest MadAss Ale in the KLCC Brewfest in Eugene the next weekend.

Maura with her hard-earned and well-deserved pretty red ribbon (also note those pearly whites, sans metal).

So Maura got herself, and more importantly, her MadAss Ale, entered (in what I believe was Maura's first brew competition). And as it turned out, the tired, dehydrated, and ravenous post-MadAss Run runners weren't just buttering her up for a free beer...the brewfest folks loved the MadAss Ale, too! Maura won 2nd place in the American Pale Ale category!

Congratulations to the most famous, and our favorite, brewer in Madras!

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John said...

Maura, remember Albania, we're looking forward to trying some of your MadAss Ale in October 2010 when we'll be coming thru Oregon. Please confirm that you'll be in the area at that time to Warmest Regards, John Palmroth