Saturday, February 5, 2011

“What you tolerate, you accept.”
Cassidy Phillips, creator of Trigger Point Therapy

As distance runners we are accustomed to being uncomfortable. We pound the roads and climb hills in the cold, dark and heat regardless of soreness, stress, raw blisters or a frozen beard. We can sustain and endure 5k, 26.2 or more of accumulating lactic acid and decreasing oxygen all for the bliss of freedom.

As Cassidy Phillips, creator of Trigger Point Therapy says, “what your tolerate, you accept.” When you are consistently exposed to something, you get acclimated to it's presence and permit it to remain. However, you don’t have to accept injuries, decreased flexibility or strength. Expect more, don’t accept less. Maximize your potential and leverage the natural ability of your body with Trigger Point Therapy.

Running is a very repetitive action so small errors are multiplied a thousand times in a mile and echoed throughout all your interrelated joints. This makes it essential to maintain biomechanical integrity and keep every cog in the system running efficiently. If you are tight, you loss range of motion, compensate for a failure in one area with unreasonable demands on another area. Over-use and over-stress follows, running becomes painful and your stride becomes rigid, as your loss confidence and the enjoyable feeling of running free.

Trigger Point Therapy empowers you with the tools and the knowledge to release the natural potential your body. The rollers and balls in a Trigger Point Therapy Kit release tension in the “fascia tissue” that wraps around every muscle in your body. As you relax points in your body where you hold the most stress, you become limber and capable of moving through a larger range of motion with more ease.

This increases circulation, strength, coordination and power and makes smaller movements, like the small strides of distance running easier, more efficient and less stressful. Benefits extend to injury prevention, pain relief and shortened recovery time.

By releasing tension in the “Ultimate Six Areas” where you hold the most tension (calves, quads, IT band, psoas, piriformis and pectorals) you can leverage and extend your bodies’ ability to perform and recover.
You will feel the effects of these tools in the first minute you try them. You will know that you are targeting the source of your tension and feel the relief as it relaxes. Please stop by the shop to feel the benefits for yourself and allow our staff to show you how the Trigger Point system can take your training to the next level. In the mean time visit for videos on how the TP tools work, instructions for exercises and tips on how to set up your personal TP system.
Check out the video below for an example of a workout you can do with the Trigger Point System:

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