Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why a running store is a nice resource of bikers, triathletes and all active types.

Although Fleet Feet is a store designed for runners, there is also good reason for endurance athletes of all types to make a trip into the store and enjoy the Gu's, glides and gear that will please every athletes palate.

Bikers, hikers, skiers and all other types of lovers of long distance can find something to help them with their adventure of choice. Let me provide some of you who need a reason other than "Will Run for Beer" t's and shiny Garmin watches to drop by the store.

Hikers: Hikers and runners both depend on good socks to keep us moving. Friction from cotton socks can go beyond irritation to blisters comparable to Keiger Gorge (If you haven't been to Keiger, you need to make a trip to the Steens Mountains before it starts snowing so you can relate the magnitude of such an abrasion.) We have a solution: Drymax Socks. Featuring flat seams among moisture wicking fabric with venting and breathable mesh for padded protection and comfort. These socks let you enjoy the view from the summit instead of feeling the pain of the summit.

Triathletes: Body Glide is great for preventing self induced strawberries for runners but TriSlide is a great aid for triathletes trying to fly through transitions and minimizing the potential risk of straining a muscle while your yanking and stretching your suit over extremities. Slicker up with Body Glide and TriSlide products for personal records and personal safety.

Bikers: Whether you are covering the trails on two feet or on two wheels it's always essential to carry some quick energy for those long rides. Endurance athletes often react to our wall of performance nutrition products with the bright eyes of a kid in a candy shop. If you prefer Margarita Shot Bloks or Blueberry Pomegranate Chomps, or any other combination of chewy or guey energy, we have what you need.

Whatever your style is and no matter what blows your hair back we have products for every type of endurance athlete. So please come by the shop and find you next best purchase.

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