Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trail Conditions

Hey Folks,
funky weather lately so I thought I would post the trail report for this week. Hope you can find some dry ones to run on!
Weather forecast is showing improvement over the next few days with temperatures at least dropping and remaining below the freezing mark for mid to upper elevations. Snow is also in the forecast for most elevations; though not of any great amounts for the next couple of days, it is way better than the rain and coastal like fog of recent weeks.

Present trail conditions for higher elevations above 6,000' are good to improving with new snow. This mostly includes the Dutchman Flat area and above, but trails just below that area down to 5,600' are also in mostly good condition. Snowmobile trail grooming in the Wanoga to Moon Mt. and on to Three Creek Lake area is on a limited schedule, with lower elevation grooming (and trails around Kwohl Butte area) on hold until adequate snow depths build back up. Trail 5 south of Elk Lk and Trail 2 snow conditions have been described as "skinny", with a few bare spots. Likely much of this is due to the recent logging activity/with plowing of those snowmobile trails, which has finished for the season. Trail 5 into Elk Lake from the north has adequate snow but grooming was limited due to mild temps and recent rain. With present colder temps and incoming new snow, grooming/trail conditions to Elk Lk. from the north should improve.

Meissner area ski trails continue be saved by grooming efforts of Tumalo Langlauf Ski Club. Lee and Loyd have been doing a great job considering the meager snow depths in the area.

Swampy Ski/snowshoe trails have improved greatly with a few inches of new snow over the past few days.

Edison area trails have been very snow challenged for the past week, but again, improvement should be on the way with lowering snowlevels and increasing snow.

Newberry Crater trail conditions have been reported as somewhat hard and "snow challenged" we might say. Conditions should improve as the weekend approaches. Grooming was placed on hold due to lack of adequate snow on many of the trails, but will resume with additional snow. Ski trail conditions were reported as hard and icy over the weekend.

Three Creek Sno-Park snow conditions have been very snow challenged with mostly hard to icy and thin (2-4" with bare spots). Trail conditions improve greatly about 3 miles up the trail from the sno-park. And again, improvement is on the horizon with colder temps and incoming snow.

Snowmobile and ski trails in the Santiam Pass Area are likely in challenging conditions as well, but hoping for improved conditions by the weekend with new snow.

Crescent/Odell Lake area snowmobile trails are reported as poor and even hazardous in some cases. The trail between Junction and Crescent Sno-Parks has become a water/slush hazard and not at all recommended until it refreezes and next snow covers the hazards. Ben the local grooming chair says it will take the colder temps and 1-2 feet of new snow before the groomer can work the trail back into good condition.

Wanoga Snow Play Hill conditions, like the winter trails, have been a mixed bag with mostly fair at best. Expect hard and bumpy slope conditions until new snow builds up the base again.

Low elevation summer trails (Deschutes River and Phils Trailhead areas) will hopefully be transitioning from soft and muddy into firmer conditions with the colder temperatures. Even a chance of snow in the forecast for these trails in the coming days.

Peterson Ridge Bike and Horse Trails, south of Sisters, have likely been fair to good lately but will likely improve with colder temperatures and firmer trail tread.

For most trails a caution goes out for the possibility of recent trees across trails. Last week most of the Deschutes received strong winds that brought down new trees. Some of these trees have been cleared from a few winter trails, but expect to find trees on others.

End of report.

Have a safe and fun week!

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