Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why every runner should try Cross Country this fall.

If the cooling temps and the turning coolers aren't sparking flashbacks to waffle racers, bus trips, team huddles and that team uniform you "forgot" to return after your senior season of high school cross country then it's time for you to throw that singlet back on and reclaim some of that Cross Country Glory, or perhaps create such memories for the first time.

We are offering a 4 week rotating Community Cross Country Series this fall for teams, individuals, adults and children.

Meet Schedule
#1 Thursday Sept 30th – 5k at COCC benefiting Mt View HS XC team at 5:30.
#2 Thursday Oct 7th – 6k at Shevlin Park benefiting Summit HS XC team at 5:30.
#3 Wednesday Oct 13th– 5k at COCC benefiting COCC Running Club at 4:30.
#4 Thursday Oct 21st – 3k at Juniper Park benefiting Bend HS XC team at 4:30.

Reasons why Cross Country is more fun...

1. Teams: round up your buddies, get creative with your team name and race for each other instead of against each other. Scoring points for your team and working together will motivate and inspire you to push yourself and run for others in addition to running for yourself.

2. Spikes & Flats: Runners love shoes. They are the only equipment and the only toys that we get. Runners discuss their shoes like they discuss sports cars; how they ride and how they look as your roll through the park... Well nothing rides like a fresh pair of Saucony Kilkenny's or Asics Gel-Speed Stars. Cross is a great excuse to spike up and get some bright and fresh new gear.

3. Add some excitement to your mid-week and free-up Saturday morning: You train and work hard for the payoff on race day... but why does race day always have to be Saturday morning? Your Friday night meal and plans can really be hampered by your Saturday morning plans. So why not break-up the routine, give your something to look forward to, avoid having to wait all week long to race and free up your Friday night in the process!

4. Speed-work... but substitute fun for work: When you race short you are asking your body to sustain a pace significantly faster than that of a marathon, 10k or half, but this will bring a new perspective to pacing. Your old fast will feel more comfy and 10k race pace will feel like a cake walk before you know it. Plus you don't have to think about it as a workout, you can just enjoy surging, competing and running with your friends instead of driving yourself through 1k repeats or a tempo solo.

3. A 20 minute run flies by after months of long runs: You put in your long runs and miles and all the hard work now have some fun and do something short and sweet. We all respect the marathon and ultras and halfs, but you might just find a new respect or love for the shorter distances... who knows maybe come spring I will talk you in to trying the track.

For more details on age and team division details and to print off your registration form please visit the Fleet Feet Bend Website.

Hope to see you all out there Next Thursday at COCC for the first race of the series!
- mk

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