Sunday, December 28, 2008


Today after our weekly Sunday morning run, Fleet Feet proudly presented three Winter Warriors with their official Winter Warrior shirts! These shirts cannot be must earn them!

Since the WW program started in early December, Laura Kantor, Darla Askew, and Chris Askew have each attended 15 workout, and amassed 75 points, to earn their coveted shirts (Biener also now has 75 points, but he's shy and didn't want to be in the picture) . That's right, 15 Fleet Feet workouts in less than 4 weeks! In the dark, through the snow, in the slush, on the ice, doing their downward dog, push ups, sit ups, kettle belles, balance boards, and on and on and on they go.

Others approaching the magical 75 points needed to earn their limited edition Winter Warrior shirt are: Serena, Roger, Josh, Jody, Jenny, April, Chris W, Sean Mary David, Steve, Christy, and Chad. There are another 45 people with Warrior points who could all easily get to 75 just need to show up for workouts. And of course, it's never too late to join us and start accruing your points. As you can see from Laura, Darla, and Chris, points add up fast.

Come a Winter Warrior! You Can Do It!

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