Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Real Deal

Well, we just had our first session of strength training at Fleet Feet on Monday night. It was the real deal! You get who I consider the best personal trainer in Bend, Cynthia Ratzman of Accelerated Fitness, for $5.00! The workout was tough... no doubt about it. But Cynthia is such a great motivator that the hour session just flew by. The two comments I heard most often was "wow, that was tough" and "the hour is over already?"
We had a great initial turnout of more than a dozen and when word gets out, we are going to have to put a cap on how many people can attend. Our space is great for really spreading out and we had 13 different stations to work from. From Kettle ball lifts to jump ropes to reverse pull ups. This is a great workout whether you are a casual walker or an elite athlete. We had folks from all walks of life but one thing was for sure... several folks who work out with Cynthia regularly seriously kicked the rest of our butts!
Again, all ages and abilities are encouraged to come. For $5.00, it is the best deal in town. Give it a shot!
Monday nights at 6 PM!

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