Saturday, May 21, 2011

Support in a sandal? A summer time miracle for your feet!

You live for that comfortable feel of your running shoes... All that support! All that cushioning! They keep your feet and your shins and your back all feeling great, but they also prevent your feet from ever enjoying the warmth and tan of the sun or the cool, fresh feeling of a warm breeze. Could there possibly be a way to combine the support of your running shoes with the light, easy feel of your flip flops?

Montrail has done it! Thermo-moldable sandals made of cushy low density foam that feel light, airy, and look great!

The sandals provide a wide footbed, great arch and metatarsal support, and a negative heel cup for a fit that really cradles your foot and prevents pressure points. Montrail sandals feature technologies such as:

(1.) Biomechanically Designed Support - for functional comfort;
(2.) Footbed Geometry - consideration of the contours, shape, and arches;
(3.) PRFRM thermo-moldable foam - heat it up, step on it and enjoy a sandal with a personal fit.

Wide straps with a rubber backing prevent rubbing, chafing and irritation on the top of the foot and also prevents pain from occurring between your first and second toe.

These sandals wash up great, so don't be afraid to take them with you camping. Just use a wet cloth to wipe them clean and you will be looking sharp once again. A waffle tread pattern on the bottom of the shoes prevents you from slipping while you wear them around the pool or on any other wet surface.

The Original Montrail Sandal: Molokini (ladies) & Molokai (gentlemen)

The Molokini and Molokai feature the original Montrail support sandal design. These sandals are extra thick and extra cushioned. The straps hug through the bulk of your midfoot and really wrap well so that you don't have to flex your feet and snap those sandals with every step to keep them on your feet.

The footbed is wide enough for your toes to really spread out and the heel cup is deep enough with ridges all the way around the foot. This keeps your foot in place and snug so that it can be supported through the full range of motion.

"I have often turned away from sandals because of the pain that occurs between the first and second toe when you are forced to d
rag a heavy flip flop around. These sandals do such a great job of being supportive without being heavy and being functional without being unattractive."

The Montrail Recovery Sandal: Lithia Loop (for both ladies & gentlemen)

The Lithia Loop Sandal has been dubbed the "before-and-after" recovery sandal and has been created to relieve tired or aggravated feet and speed recovery. The arch and metatarsal lift in the sandal are slightly firmer and more aggressive than the original Molokai and Molokini sandal.

The design and construction of the sandal is intended to reduce, prevent and avoid plantar
fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis plagues a large number of runners. It is incredibly common and can cause a lot of pain through the arch and heel. Plantar Fasciitis can also be incredibly frustrating since it can stick around for years! A major key in the healing process is to continuously support the foot. Wearing a Strassburg sock while you sleep and good footwear any time you are on your feet will provide a lot of relief. Keep a pair of Montrail sandals by your bed, wear them around the house and in the shower, wear them any and all the time to get that Plantar Fasciitis under control and healing up.

"I like the firm and comfortable feel of these sandals. I like that I can FEEL the support through the arch and metatarsals of my foot. I know the sandals are doing work on my feet. The fit is great on the sandals. They stay on my feet and are a little more low profile than the Molokini or the Molokai sandals. Plus, I must admit they are a sandal I want to wear with my skirts and shorts around town this summer."

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