Thursday, April 28, 2011

The North Face 2-in-1 Short = Compression Shorts + Running Shorts

As runners we are consistently torn in a love-hate relationship with our short shorts.

Based on function alone you just can't beat a light-weight, split-short. You can really stride out in those things! Nothing to hindering your stride or weigh you down... but not a whole lot covering you either.

We all try to remedy this problem in different ways; by keeping an extra pair of baller Basketball shorts or black sweat bottoms on top until the last moment, or maybe by doubling up a full length pair of spandex underneath. We try different combinations of polyster and spandex layers with hopes of finding something comfortable and potentially something that won't create any embarrassing or painful wardrobe malfunctions.

The Northface Mens Voracious 2 in 1 running short, is an extremely lightweight long distance running short. It has a breathable mesh material on both sides of the short, but the best part of all; built in compression shorts for optimal performance.

Simplify your selection with an garment that does the mixing and matching for you. The whole is certainly greater than the sum of it's parts when you experience in the comfort and functionality of this great looking piece.

It has an elastic waistband and drawstring as well as a rear pocket with zipper, and offers ultraviolet protection factor of UPF 30.

As one of our own Fleet Feet team members, Colin, has put it,

"Personally this is one of the most comfortable pair of running shorts I have tried. The material is very lightweight and extremely soft. The built in compression keeps everything in check (for lack of a better explanation) and also allows for circulation to keep the upper legs warm. I love the pocket in the back for its size (big enough for several GU’s or even a cell phone). Plus, it has a zipper, so there is no chance of possessions falling out when running. However, I have found that on longer runs the compression can lead to chafing, so you may need to consider using some Body Glide if you are susceptible to chaffing."

With summer coming there is no better investment that a great pair of running shorts that will keep you comfortable and running smooth through the warmer months. Come on in and check out our full selection of brands, lengths and materials, including The North Face Mens Voracious 2 in 1 running short featuring a compression short lining.

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