Monday, May 11, 2009

Lots Going On!

Darla, on her way to the win at Mac Forest 50K!
Man, I sure need to be better about updating this blog!  There is always so much going on that I get overwhelmed on where to begin.
So, I'll start with the Eugene Marathon.  We have just started a "Fleet Feet" racing team.  We sent over three of our athletes to tackle the course.  Laura Kantor ran her first marathon in 4:46. Laura owns a very special place in our heart.  She was one of our fist customers and has lost well over 100 pounds in her journey as a runner.   Another one of our runners, Dave Krayeski, who ran his first marathon in 3:48.   And lastly, our own Chad Baker, who coaches both of those runners, ran the 1/2 marathon in 1:41.  So, a big congratulations to them and everyone who toed the line in Eugene.  I'm hoping to be able to get over there next year!
Secondly, two more Fleet Feet racers went over to run the McDonald Forest 50K this last weekend.  Darla Askew did okay.... NOT!  She won!  She has become one of the quicker runners in the PNW and we are all very excited for her!  Chris Askew, her husband, also ran a great race to finish just seconds behind her!
And, here at the shop, we've been busy with the coming of spring and summer.  Lots of new shoes on the wall which is always fun.
Our training groups have been a blast as well.  Our 1/2 marathon and "No Boundaries" beginner running programs are going great and it has been so exciting for us to see the progress of the runners as each week passes.
Now, let's get out there and run!!

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