Saturday, March 7, 2009

Laura...THE Winter Warrior!

Congratulations to Laura Kantor, Fleet Feet's 1st Annual Winter Warrior Champion! Laura attended more workouts over the course of the winter than any of our other 105 warriors. She woke up early on Sunday mornings to run with us, she strength trained with us on Monday evenings, she ran with us in the dark on Wednesday evenings, and then she stayed around after the run for yoga. In doing all of her workouts, she amassed 250 points, easily outdistancing Chris Askew at 210 points and Darla Askew at 200 points.

Laura has definitely become a solid Fleet Feeter in the 11 months that we have been open. She started out coming to our weekly Wednesday evening runs from pretty much week one. It has been a true pleasure for all of us to follow her progress. I could tell from when I first met her that she is a very determined woman. Laura loves to set high goals and work hard to achieve those goals.

Warriors Laura, Darla, and Chris sporting their oh-so-stylish, and very coveted, Winter Warror Shirts!

Way to go, Laura...2008 / 2009 Winter Warrior!


LauraK said...

I feel very humble and honored to be the first Winter Warrior! I was not looking forward to staying in shape over the winter (shorter days, inclement weather, etc), much less getting in better shape. Fleet Feet helped me do that while having fun and making new friends at the same time! I am so glad that I took the leap!

My thanks to Rod, Chad, Sean, Christy, and instructors Rebecca and Cynthia for being so welcoming and making the workouts challenging, yet fun!

You don't have to be skinny, fast, or already in shape to be the next Warrior! Just show up and have fun! Take the chance-- you'll be happy you did!
--Laura Kantor

Hart said...

congrats laura. this is awesome!