Thursday, March 19, 2009

Consistency in Fit

One of the most important things that we talk about here in the shop in consistency. When we are putting someone in a pair of running or walking shoes we really strive to match their foot/leg mechanics with the mechanics of the shoe. I think this is the most important thing that we do being a specialty walking/running store. Anyone can grab a shoe at their local sporting store and get a feel of whether it is comfortable or not. But, is it truly working to make them more efficient and injury free.
When I look back to when I had no knowledge about biomechanics, I am amazed at the shoes that I was given to run in by other running stores. Being a bow legged, supinator, I really need a specific shoe that will work with my funky legs and feet. However, I was given every type of shoe possible. Motion control (a shoe for someone who pronates excessively), neutral, and everything in between. I have found that since I have found the type of shoe that I should be in, I'm running quicker, more comfortably, and I haven't had an injury since. So, that is why I take great pride in how thorough an evaluation we do here.
How do we do it? We do several measurements of the feet (weighted and un-weighted), we watch you walk barefoot, and evaluate you on the treadmill in a flexible shoe. By being able to slow down your gait on the video, we can really show you what you are doing. We can even compare your stride in different shoes at the same time so you can see the difference that the right shoe makes.
What does this mean? Do you always have to wear the exact same shoe? Certainly not. But you should be in the same general type of stability in all your shoes to make you the most efficient and comfortable walker or runner possible.
Come check it out. You'll be impressed. I promise.

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