Saturday, November 1, 2008

Marathon Night at Fleet Feet!

On Tuesday night, Fleet Feet was filled with lots of marathoners. Some are aspiring to run their first, many recently finished Portland as their first, while a few were marathon vets. We really just wanted a night to celebrate everyone's marathoning accomplishments and aspirations. 50 people who showed up and the night was a success.

After some mingling and war-story sharing, 2008 Portland Marathon Champion Kami Semick and 2008 Spokane Marathon Champion Sean Meissner gave an informative q&a session to the group. Topics ranged from training and nutrition, to shoe selection and pacing. Of particular interest regarding Kami and Sean is that they both train mainly on trails, yet they are still able to race well at road marathons. This was good for the group to hear, as the majority of central Oregonian runners definitely put lots of time
in on the dirt. One of the highlights, especially for the, uh, more mature runners, was learning that, at 42 years old, Kami continues to improve each year and is still setting p.r.'s.

Thanks to Mark Dejohn for volunteering to give some "active release" massage to our guests and of course to Kami Semick and Sean Meissner for coming down and joining the fun.

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