Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3 Butte Butt Buster Fun Run

As those of you who attend our Wednesday night fun runs know, when I'm there, I usually like to take the group uphill. Around here, that means either Overturf or Awbrey Butte. And when we gather as a group on top of one of those buttes, I often think out loud about holding a 3 Buttes Fun Run (Overturf, Awbrey, and Pilot). Well, the talk is about to come to a stop and the action is about to begin.

Sunday, November 16, 2008, at 9 a.m., will be the inaugural 3 Butte Butt Buster Fun Run. We'll start at Fleet Feet, head up Overturf, and run back by FF for some refreshments. Then it's across town to Pilot, up the road, down the trail, and to Chris and Darla's house for another aid station. Make sure you fuel up here so you're ready for another flat couple miles before tackling the biggie, Awbrey. You will pass your last aid station climbing Awbrey, then reach your final summit around 11.5 miles. Now all you have to do is lean forward and let gravity take you back to Fleet Feet.

Oh yeah, the distance: 13.5 miles of heavenly, hilly bliss! Got vert? 1,700' of it...both up and down! There will be shorter options, climbing one or two buttes, for those not quite up to fully busting their butts.

Please note that this will be a fun run and not a timed event. So bring some friends, your dog, and your climbing legs for a little masochistic butt busting fun with the Fleet Feet gang.

Click here to see the route map.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds fun. I don't know if I can go the whole distance. I might have to bring my butt up just one butte and see how it goes. -Katie