Friday, June 6, 2008

Two New Challenges

Last night while running up and over Awbrey Butte, I came up with 2 new, local challenges. I must admit that I got the idea for these from our friends at Rogue Valley Runners in Ashland and their Park Street Challenge.

The first challenge is running up Archie Briggs Canyon on the trail on the north side of Awbrey Butte. Begin at the bottom where the Canyon Trail starts at the First Street Rapids River Trail. Go up all 5 sections of this canyon, then stop your watch when your foot touches pavement at the end of the 5th section. Rod and I agree that sub-8 is fast.

The second challenge is also a hill climb up Awbrey Butte, but this time on the road. Start at the intersection of 9th and Portland. Run up 9th and keep going as it curves around onto 12th. When you get to Summit, cross the road, get on the small bike path straight ahead and keep going up. When the short bike path ends at Promontory, cross over to Gill Court and go up Gill, continuing past the end of the cul-de-sac, past the vehicle gate, and finish when you touch the chain link fence at the top (it's the fence that keeps you from going to the towers).

Let us know what your times are and we'll keep a tally. No prizes for either, but you may just get an atta-girl or atta-boy, and, of course, the admiration of all your running peers.


saschasdad said...

Wisconsin XC Skier, Santi Ocariz, blitzed a 7:22 up the north side of Awbrey on the trail.

saschasdad said...

I just ran up the 9th/12th Street paved side of Awbrey in 9:42. So I'm going to temporarily claim that as a course record. Come on, break it...if you can!