Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bronco and Bighorn

For the 2nd time this month, a Fleet Feet friend has won a 100 miler! Jeff Browning battled hard at the Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic 100 miler yesterday, winning against the deepest field in the history of the event. He ran 18:56; Seattle's Justin Angle was 2nd in 19:20-something, while Ty Draney from Afton, WY rounded out the podium in 19:56. Three sub-20s at Bighorn means it was, indeed, a good, fast field.

Jeff was also victorius at Bighorn in 2005 & 2006, so he has now completed a hat trick there. Nice job, my friend! Including his 3 wins at Bighorn, Jeff also won the Arkansas Traveller 100 last year, giving him 4, 100-mile victories in 7 starts/finishes. Yep, he's a pretty darn good 100-miler.

On the women's side, Ronda Sundermeier from Tigard ran to a strong victory in 25:10. Team Oregon continues to rock at ultras of all distances across the country.

Congratulations Rooster and Bronco!


mtnrunR said...

bronco billie did awesome. he had incredible competition during the day but he prevailed and ran a great race. the oregon gang did great. ty used to live in tillamook, oregon. it is fun to hear how all did.

way to go bronco bille and rooster, giddyap!

mtnrunR said...

oh, i think there is another little race this weekend... let's watch the colonal tear it up.

go run sub "bien" sean!!! of course i want bili to do well also.

go "team oregon"

see you at the "big dance"