Friday, June 10, 2011

Adventure Race at Home: The Oyster Off Road

Adventure Racing Defined:
A combination of two or more endurance disciplines, as well as orienteering to cover an unmarked, undetermined course through water, mountain pass, hill and dale. Traditionally a multiple day ordeal and potentially life threatening, the Oyster Off Road takes all the benefits of an adventure race and combines it with the conveniences of your typical fun run to create a high caliber Urban Adventure Race.

The course is secret and so are the challenges, but this much you do know:

  • One day event with four to six "passports" or legs;
  • "Passports" are presented the day of the event with directions to each checkpoint where a task will be awaiting you;
  • You will participate in at least two endurance disciplines: running & biking (any additional equipment will be provided). Other possible challenges include trivia, zip line, eating, rafting, creeking, climbing and navigating;
  • You may get wet;
  • Recover with good eats, drinks and lawn space at the Deschutes Brewery!

For more hints, check out the Oyster Off Road video montage here and the event website to register or learn more.

The Oyster Off Road is Saturday, June 25th
benefiting the Deschutes River Conservancy

The Oyster Off Road is also in need of 65 volunteers.
If you are able to donate your time to support the Deschutes River Conservancy, come on out and cheer on the racers (and enjoy a cold beer and good food at Deschutes Brewery afterwards). Please contact Marisa Hossick at

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