Thursday, May 15, 2008

Masks, PBR, and some serious Bandits

Well, we hosted the first ever trail bandit race! The flavor of these "races" or "runs" are to be pure fun and hopefully get people on some new trails that are not Shevlin Park proper or Phil's trail.... I think those have been more than covered!

The first course started off of Skyliner at the backside of Shevlin park. Runners headed up the gentle Mrazek trail and came back via the very, very rough Tumalo Creek trail. We were thrilled to have 31 participants since I only came up with this idea less than two weeks before the event. We had a nice cool start and some quick runners blazed up the trail for the first five miles before hitting the aid station hosted by our own "Ironman", Chad Baker!

After filling up with some water and treats, runners tiptoed through the rocks and boulders, climbed through a rock tunnel, and navigated some serious terrain before finishing off back at the start/finish and earning their bandit mask and an ice cold PBR.

The men's top three were: Jeff Caba, Steve "I can bake some kick ass pastries and still run fast" Morse, and Billy "Bonehead" Barnett *** who also climbed a tree mid-way in the race.

The top three women were: Kami "of course she won" Semick, Tate "Pandora's Backpack" Kelley, and Heather Vihstadt! All earned the VERY elaborate prizes of a Powerbar necklace. Does it get any better than that????

We hope you'll join us next time on a new trail.... not sure of location yet but a guarantee that it won't be at Shevlin or Phil's!!! It'll be REAL trails and beautiful views. Remember, these are not competitive and ALL are welcome! No secret "runner" handshake necessary..... Just good times, bad beer, and a mask for you. We hope to see some new bandits next month.

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