Saturday, April 5, 2008

Feeling the love!

Wow.  That was a cool way to start the opening of our shop.  We really did essentially no advertising other than one ad in a weekly paper but we had a great turnout.  From Dan and Kathy Harshburger sitting in front of the door (photos coming soon!) for an hour before we opened to all the new friends we have already made. It was awesome.  It caught me a little off guard how busy we got but we adjusted to the action quickly and loved every minute of it.  People seemed to like the space and really seemed to like our gait analysis.  Our system is pretty darn sweet.  Split screens, super slo-mo, we can really get to the bottom of a persons stride when they come in to get fit.  But, more than anything, what I took away from the weekend is how much I love working in a running/walking store.  Each person coming in to get fit is a little personal puzzle to figure out... and I loved it.   
And, just getting to hang out and talk, well, about running is what I do all the time anyway, so its really fun to be doing it in the new shop.  Lastly, I just feel very lucky with the staff I have assembled.  Not only do I have amazing athletes working at the shop but just great people who really thrive while providing customer service.   We hope to see some of you soon.  Come on in and say "hello".  And good luck to everyone running the Horse Butte race tomorrow!  I wish I could be out there but someone has to watch the shop!
Rod B.

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mtnrunR said...

congratulations on the grand opening. see you soon for the packet pick up for the rumble. and congratulations on the new addition to the family!